Homoeopathic treatment of babies and children

Every person or child is unique, individual. They have their own way of expressing and dealing with disease or imbalance. Homoeopathy provides individualised treatment tailored to the child’s needs. Many parents are concerned about the possible side effects of conventional medicine, and strive to avoid repeated doses of medicines such as antibiotics. Homoeopathy offers a natural, safe, gentle and effective alternative, although it can be used alongside conventional medicine. Homoeopathic remedies are prescribed based on the symptoms and the root cause of the problems and are incredibly dilute and largely without side effects. Homoeopathy balances the whole system, allowing the body to heal itself.

After treatment from a well trained homoeopath, many parents find their child’s general level of health has improved, their immunity raised; children suffer acute illnesses less often and treatment frequently leaves the child more resilient. Homoeopathy helps prevent illness, leaving the patient less susceptible to health problems in the future. As a result children grow up healthy, vital and strong.

Homoeopathy is brilliant for babies and children because they respond quickly and effectively to the remedies. This is because they are full of vitality. It can sometimes be difficult to get children to take medicine, but with homoeopathy compliance is high due to the sweet taste of the tablets. They are also easy to administer, even to a baby. Soft tablets that dissolve on your tongue are available or you can just crush a normal remedy or put it in water.

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