What to Expect From Homoeopathic Treatment

Reactions to homoeopathic treatment are often very subtle, especially when receiving deep treatment for chronic conditions. However, this is not always the case as response to remedies can be dramatic and fast especially in the treatment of acute illnesses or children/babies. As each homoeopathic case is individual, so are people’s reactions although there are a few characteristic reactions you may expect. Some people experience a surge of energy after a remedy and a sense of general well being and optimism. Others may feel very tired for a few days before starting to feel better. Others will simply feel better in themselves.

Some patients experience a slight worsening of their symptoms for a short while, or an awareness of old symptoms returning again briefly. These are good signs and show that the remedy has taken effect. Remember to always contact your homoeopath with any queries or concerns regarding your treatment.

The length of treatment varies greatly according to the individual case. We will have a better idea after your first consultation and again after your first prescription. Homoeopathy is not a quick fix – It stimulates a gentle, deep and lasting healing process.

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