What can Homoeopathy Treat?

Homoeopathy is an effective and gentle therapy. It is very safe, so much so it can be used to treat pregnant women, children, babies and even animals (under the supervision of a qualified vet). As a complete system of medicine homoeopathy can be invaluable in treating a very wide range of mental, emotional and physical conditions, for example: Anxiety, stress exam nerves, depression, panic attacks, child behaviour disorders e.g. autism, fear and phobias, grief, eating disorders, to name a few. Examples of physical conditions include: eczema, asthma, female disorders e.g. irregular or painful periods, infertility, recurrent conditions/ infections e.g. tonsillitis or colds, allergies, skin conditions, gastric disorders, glandular fever, headaches and many, many more.

Homoeopathic remedies can be used to promote healing after surgery or to lessen the effects of treatments such as radiotherapy.

Homoeopathy is effective when no medical diagnosis has been made; it could be that something is bothering you or that you are ‘stuck’. Homoeopathy is not just for those who are sick but can be also used as a preventative measure when you are healthy, maintaining that balance, strengthening you further and helping you to reach your potential in life.

Homoeopathy can very effectively treat short term or acute illnesses such as stings, burns, injuries, travel sickness and many more. An average person can learn to self prescribe and treat these symptoms. However, longer term recurrent physical or mental symptoms, or more serious chronic conditions need the treatment of a qualified homoeopath who will also look at and treat genetic or inherited predispositions to disease.

It is my policy as a practitioner to treat patients who are undergoing conventional treatment, and to encourage them to maintain a relationship with their GP. Although the two philosophies of medicine differ, both systems of healthcare can work well together to provide a complimentary service. Caution should be observed when self prescribing. If in doubt consult a qualified homoeopath.

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